Fantasy Football Monsters Character Reference Info

Note for Avimakers:

I’m in the Snake Plisskin division (Escape From LA). I have no idea how reasonable this request is. If it’s not, tell me and I’ll try to revise. Please note – I am willing to donate extra based on what you feel would be correct. I just really don’t know how much or if you’ll consider it. Brief text descriptions of the characters are listed under the pics if that helps.

Fantasy Football Monsters is my show and becoming an increasing part of my Fantasy Football identity, so I want them to be center stage (mind you, all characters are played by me, so it’s still me)

Obviously this is SFB14, so integrating anything with the division/league/etc is awesome. As far as general design goes, giving pretty much carte blanche for your creative whims.

Note: would greatly prefer animated versions of the characters. Anything animated is gonna look better than I do. 😛

Avatar: The main three characters integrated however you want. If using the expansion method and it would look better, can just use Von Murder since he’s the main main.

Banner: Pretty much the same, but definitely with all 3.

Shirt: This is the big reason I mentioned additional donations. Plus, if we get a good shirt design, I’ll prolly buy several on top of design donation. If this is just something you don’t want to consider, you can just leave it at the above two.

Would love to see something with the 3 main characters as, well, main, and some of the other characters in the background, priority based on importance below.

These designs don’t all have to be vastly different from each other. The shirt could be an expanded version of the banner to show additional stuff (like background cast), for example.

Again, I TOTALLY get this is much larger ask. Obviously happy to donate more and/or buy shirt(s). Also understand if you just say “Yeah…no…not happening.” You can thank my fiancée for this. I told her I’d be wearing mostly SFB shirts in Canton, and she said “You should do something promoting your own show” so I kinda had a “why not both?” moment.

Main 3: Jimmy, Von Murder, and Morty
Our Halloween Episode. 🙂 Frank (ignore the shirt), Freddy, Jimmy, and Penny
Jimmy, Von Murder, and Jigsaw
Jimmy (ignore his shirt), Von Murder, and the elusive Griffin
Joe, or at least the earthly depiction of Joe
Jimmy, Von Murder, Freddy, and Morty
Frank with basic Dallas Cowboys star shirt.
Jimmy (again, ignore the shirt), Von Murder, and Griffin with his Safety Vest

Character Descriptions

Videos can be seen at

Von Murder

  • Importance: 10 – Main Character
  • Full name: Adolf von Murderstein, dropped the Adolf in the 1940’s because “What kinda dick goes by Adolf these days” and is “Professionally known as Von Murder now”
  • A 600-800 (approx) year old rather sarcastic vampire.
  • Dallas Cowboys fan as he is mostly seen wearing a #82 Jason Witten home jersey underneath his cape.
  • The show used to be filmed in the basement of his castle before we got a “legit studio”
  • Has been in every episode except 1 (I blew out my voice and couldn’t do his, so I had to improvise)


  • Importance:  9.9 – Main Sidekick
  • Full name:  Jimmy Fujiwara-Mrityu, he gave himself that last name when no one else would, which obviously doesn’t fit him, but both words mean some form of “death” in Japanese and Hindi
  • Recently turned Zombie after he wouldn’t wear a “face diaper” to not catch the T-Virus.
  • Pretty stereotypical redneck who enjoys completely out of place karaoke songs.
  • Used when we need a “Daylight correspondent” and we film from remote locations.
  • Has been in every episode except 1


  • Importance: 9.5 – Third Regular
  • Full Name:  Mortimer Winkelvoss IV
  • Somewhat British-sounding (mostly talks like Tucker from There’s Something About Mary), rather uptight and “proper”, uses longer words than needed and doesn’t curse.
  • Gets made fun of a LOT but weirdly doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Probably in 60% or so of the episodes, generally the one who gets subbed out if we have a “guest” because of full moon issues.


  • Importance: 8
  • Our version of Freddy Kreuger
  • Didn’t show until Episode 9 but has made quite a few appearances since.
  • Seems to have a fondness for torturing Morty


  • Importance: 7.5
  • Our version of Billy the Puppet from the Saw movies
  • He’s the game master who comes up with some really whack ways to torture people, and even Von Murder needs to tell him to chill on the torture sometimes.
  • Usually our “Sportscaster” when on, he occasionally shows up when we need to go overboard on some kinda revenge.
  • Shown up on 6-7 episodes


  • Importance: 6
  • Full name:  Frank N. Stein
  • Generally talks slow and caveman-like, or did before Von Murder used a magical remote control to speed him up.
  • Has shown up on 4-5 episodes
  • Wears several different shirts, but portraying him with a black shirt and grey jacket is “normal”


  • Importance: 5.5
  • Our version of Pennywise from “It”
  • Shapeshifter who oftentimes will morph into other people.
  • Wants to be a part of the show, but usually, “we’re good” says Von Murder and company.
  • Usually finds a way to shapeshift and be a part anyway
  • Probably 2-3 appearances


  • Importance: 4
  • Currently serving a 200 year term as “Heavenly Adjudicator”, aka God.
  • Used to be friends with Von Murder in the 1200-1400’s (approx) – they used to pillage together.
  • Usually is only seen writing like a 15 year old Valley girl in texts to Von Murder, or heard as a booming voice overhead.
  • The one time he was seen, he was portrayed as a burning topiary of Vince Lombardi’s face.


  • Importance:  3
  • Our version of Griffin from The Invisible Man
  • He’s invisible.  Can only tell he’s there from either the cup he’s holding and drinking from, or if they make him wear a yellow safety vest.
  • Only character that uses my actual voice. 😛
  • Obviously hard to depict, fine if he’s left out.
  • Appearances: 2

The Terminator

  • Importance:  1
  • Our version of The Terminator
  • Did about 45 seconds on one show to explain something.
  • Will likely never be brought back and not considered part of the cast
  • Mostly listed here for completeness and should never be depicted with cast.
The Logo. We really need a better one. Honestly, don’t use it – its gross.