Detroit Tigers Fan Living in St. Louis Defects to Cardinals Nation, Neighbors Rejoice

April 22, 2023

Man Burning His Tigers Gear

In an astonishing turn of events, local Detroit Tigers fan, Dave Matthews, 34, has officially defected to Cardinals Nation, following years of lonely and unexplained allegiance to the Motor City's baseball team. Neighbors in Matthews' St. Louis community have expressed relief and joy over his change of heart, citing that they now feel a stronger sense of camaraderie with him.

Matthews' former loyalty to the Detroit Tigers was a mystery to those who knew him, as he had no connections to Michigan or the city of Detroit. His unwavering support for the team, despite living in the heart of St. Louis, was a constant source of confusion and, at times, tension among his fellow Cardinals fans.

As news of Matthews' conversion spread throughout the neighborhood, spontaneous celebrations erupted, with residents lighting fireworks and grilling bratwursts in his honor. Local sports bars announced plans to host viewing parties for the upcoming Cardinals games, inviting Matthews as the guest of honor to mark his newfound loyalty.

During a recent press conference, Matthews revealed that the decision to switch allegiances came after a series of dreams in which he was visited by the spirit of legendary Cardinals shortstop, Ozzie Smith. The spectral figure, he claimed, guided him through the rich history of the St. Louis Cardinals and ultimately convinced him that his true destiny was to support the Redbirds.

Although some have questioned the veracity of Matthews' dream-induced epiphany, most in the community have chosen to embrace his conversion with open arms, citing his newfound passion for the Cardinals as evidence of his sincerity. As one neighbor put it, "Sure, it's a strange story, but we're just happy to have him on our side."

Matthews has wasted no time in immersing himself in Cardinals Nation, swapping out his Tigers memorabilia for Cardinals gear and even painting his garage door with the team's iconic logo. As the baseball season unfolds, Matthews and his neighbors look forward to cheering on their beloved Redbirds together, united at last by a shared love for the team.