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Posted November 19, 2015 by Scott Gerhardt in Card Games

Welcome to the Waste Land – Unofficial FAQ


Post-Article Corrections:

So it does appear that I was a touch off on some of these points.  So, allow me to enter “corrections and retractions” which will be found below in red.


Okay, so people are semi-losing their mind over this new mana produced by the new basic land, “Waste”. Well, I can tell you a few things about the new land and the new mana type. Mind you, when I tell you these are things I KNOW, understand that I have no actual inside knowledge of this mana that isn’t public information.  But, my 20 years of Magic tells me what things to look for.  So, let me give you the points on the FAQ.

  • This is not a new color of mana.  This mana is colorless.  How do we know this?  Look at Kozilek, the Great Distortion.  It is 8 plus 2 of the “diamond” mana.  Now, look at the first word of Kozilek’s text box.  It is not “devoid”.  If the mana had color, the card would have to be devoid, as one of the primary properties of being Eldrazi is that they are colorless.  That said, I will further refer to this mana as Eldrazi mana, or “E”.  Naming the mana was off, but the point still stands.
  • While Eldrazi mana is colorless, colorless mana can not be used to pay for Eldrazi costs.  The word I should have used here was generic mana, because colorless mana, regardless of source, can pay those costs whether you see the diamond on it or not.
  • Wastes is a basic land.  This means you can play as many as you want in a deck, be it your constructed deck or sealed deck.  Technically correct, in spirit half-wrong.  You can play as many as you want in constructed, yes, and you CAN play as many as you like in limited so long as you actually draft them.  Due to the double art, this card will appear in packs twice as often as other commons, which makes it easier to obtain, but you can’t go up and grab a few wastes and put them in your deck
  • This mana will be legal in any environment in which it is printed, but will not be standard legal once it rotates out, just like you can’t play Snow Covered lands in Standard right now.

    This guy isn’t devoid….

  • Speculation only:  This mana will fulfill any colored requirement in devoid cards.  Meaning that on something like Brutal Expulsion, you could cast it for 2RU, or 2RE, or 2UE, or 2EE.  It would make the Mana significantly more useful, and all people to be able to splash in things like the fringe green Eldrazi cards which often have a hard time making decks because there aren’t generally enough green cards to justify playing them in mana Eldrazi decks.  Totally off here, and I want to know what I was smoking when I wrote that.  If I thought you could get as many as you wanted, why would they have special privileges in a set where it’s not hard to play all devoid/colorless.  In the end, they did make that card, but it costs 1 life when it pays colored costs and is in the rare slot.

That’s pretty much it for now.  As more info comes out, I will update this article if I am wrong about anything.


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