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Posted November 21, 2016 by Scott Gerhardt in Video Games

The great nerfing and buffing

edit: 11/27/16 to adjust & clarify some information

So today, just about every family received some form of a nerf or buff. Calculating only using final evolved forms (e.g. Alakazam, but not Abra or Kadabra), we went through and did the numbers on all 72 evolution lines (ed note:  I do not have access to Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, or Khangaskhan, so they were not included in this).  So, there was only so much data we had, so the numbers may be roughly off.  Now, one thing people may be saying is “Wow!  A lot of stuff got buffed here!”  Those people would be right.  As a matter of fact, I found that the average family received a buff of 11.2%. This means that on average, the base stats of these Pokemon (ATK + DEF + STA) went up 11.2%   In the end, though, every Pokemon’s power level is how it relates to other Pokemon out there.  So, we removed 11.2% from each Pokemon’s percentage of change to come up with out final net percentages.  So, who were the big winners and losers?

Top 10 Winners:

  1. Chansey:  108.5%
  2. Hitmonlee:  51.3%
  3. Alakazam:  49.8%
  4. Jynx: 36.9%
  5. Rhydon: 36.2%
  6. Hitmonchan: 25.7%
  7. Tauros: 24.1%
  8. Pinsir: 21.0%
  9. Sandslash: 18.0%
  10. Jolteon: 16.4%

Top 10 Losers:

  1. Lickitung: -30.5%
  2. Wigglytuff: -27.5%
  3. Dewgong: -23%
  4. Victreebel: -21.6%
  5. Blastoise: -21.2%
  6. Porygon: -18.7%
  7. Hypno: -17.5%
  8. Nidoqueen: -17.2%
  9. Persian: -16.9%
  10. Parasect: -16.6%

So I admit this wasn’t exactly the list I was thinking I would see.  The Chansey was an obvious one for me, but that was an absolutely enormous jump.  I’m definitely not surprised to see Alakazam on the gainers as there was been a lot of grumbling about him not being nearly as good as he should be.  Certain things on the losers list very much surprise me.  Were Porygons, Persians, and Parasects dominating gyms everywhere?  And why the Lickitung hate.

/u/duffercoat on Reddit has pointed out that these changes were almost certainly not even related to what is going on within just Pokemon GO, but rather it aligns them with the rest of the Pokemon Universe.  This makes sense to me since we see coding evidence that there will be some form of cross-pollination between Pokemon GO and Sun/Moon.

I will list the rest of the winners here, in order of gain, starting with ones gaining 10% or more:  Golem, Tangela, Gengar, Beedrill. Gyarados, Cloyster.  The rest that went up are Arerodactyl, Omastar, Magneton, Scyther, Kabutops, Onyx, Butterfree, Dodrio, Seadra, Electrode, Dugtrio, Primeape, Vaporeon, Machamp

For the rest of the losers, ones losing 10% or more, again in order of loss:  Vileplume, Golduck, Goldbat, Arcanine, Pidgeot, Slowbro, Nidoking, Weezing, Poliwrath, Clefable, Arbok, Ninetails, Eggecutor, Magmar, Venusaur, Seaking, Raichu, and Lapras (yes, they said they wouldn’t change it, but when everything else shifts up 11.2%, they did change it).  Rounding out the losers are Marowak, Dragonite, Rapidash, Venomoth, Charizard, Electabuzz, Fearow, Muk, Starmie, Kingler, Tentacruel, Ratticate, Snorlax, Flareon.

I remind everything this is an adjusted percentage to reflect how these Pokemon related to others.  The “true” increase would add 11.2%, but that’s one way they can make the numbers “lie” a little and make it look like things are being buffed when they really aren’t.  One funny thing to note:  If you remove the anomaly of Chansey, the overall shift becomes only 9.7%, which would old change Flareon from being a loser to a winner – everything else would stay on their current side.

So what do you think?  Did Niantic get it right?  Did something here surprise you or is this what you thought?  What do you think about the power shift anyway?  Let us know in the comments!


Scott Gerhardt

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