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Posted February 28, 2017 by Scott Gerhardt in Video Games

The ACTUAL Gen 2 Update List

I’ve found a bunch of Gen 2 update lists and articles.  Most of them have bad or incomplete information.  So, let’s hit up what has actually happened.  Now, while this is intended to be a comprehensive guide, it’s also going to be a brief guide to try to bullet point out all the information with a few quick, strategy comments in red, so you not only find out what they are, but the best way to do it.

Catching Pokemon Changes:

  • Catching a Pokemon on the first throw or with a PoGo Plus will yield 50 extra XP.  This can make it worth it to use a berry Razz Berry or higher class of ball for the first throw if you think it’s questionable.  Fifty XP is nothing to sneeze at.
  • The physics of throwing a ball has changed slightly.  If the balls are throwing “weird” or different, especially curveballs, you’re not dreaming it.  The balls tend to “sail” a little bit more than they used to, so harder throws will more easily overthrow the Pokemon itself.  This will be a process of learning the right touches to put on throws.  I’m finding wider and lighter in general seems to be better, but it will take experimenting, especially to hit those Great and Excellent throws.
  • Pokemon will screw with you more now.  Besides just scratching their noses and jumping around, Pokemon can float to the left or right, some will actually go up, and a few will shift around very erratically.  The erratic ones, though, do have patterns.  Just watch and wait out the movement.  I have not found Nanab Berries necessary at all.
  • Stage 1 Pokemon caught in the wild now drop 5 candy and 300 Stardust while Stage 2s will drop 10 candy and 500 Stardust.  Finally a good incentive to catch the evolved forms of generally common or bad Pokemon that you know will be harder than they are worth.
  • Razz Berries have a significantly greater effect.  Before, it was very hard to tell the changes to percentages by using a Razz Berry.  Now, it’s like using one class of ball better.  Don’t use them willy nilly, but they certainly are more useful now than they were before.

New Items

There are a number of new things that now come from Pokestops:

  • Pinap Berrydoubles the amount of candy received when catching a Pokemon.  These are best used on hard to find, evolving Pokemon, or Stage 1’s and 2’s.  In general, I have a saying:  “If it’s good enough for a Pinap, it’s good enough for a higher ball”.  Obviously things like 10 CP Pokemon are the exceptions, but since you don’t want to lose your berry AND your ball, trying to “overkill” the throw
  • Nanab Berry – makes a Pokemon less erratic.  The best use I have found for these are discarding them before they fill up your bag and make you curse at why they exist.  If you were gonna throw a Nanab, you should probably throw a Razz and actually increase your percentage change to catch.  Maybe something like a Zubat, who can move rather weird now, but even then, I am yet to use a single one and I don’t see why I would.
  • Evolution Items – needed to evolve certain Pokemon.  So they gave us 5 items needed to evolve 8 Pokemon.  Three of them can be used on 2 options each, with the other two having a single use.  These items drop very rarely, though, so don’t expect to run out and collect a bunch right away.  Also, use good judgement with who to upgrade using them since they will be so hard to obtain.
    • Dragon Scale – Kingdra (from Seadra)
    • Upgrade Card – Porygon2 (from, you guessed it, Porygon)
    • Metal Coat – Steelix (from Onix) and Scizor (from Scyther)
    • Sun Stone – Sunflora (from Sunkern) and Bellossom (from Gloom)
    • King’s Rock- Slowking (from Slowpoke) and Politoed (from Poliwhirl)

New Pokemon Types and additions to more rare types

A few things were just hard to find before, and now they are a little bit easier.  I mean, we have to get all the badges, right?

  • Dark.  There previously were no Dark Pokemon.  Now, there are 6 with the basics being Murkrow, Sneasel, and Houndour.  The evolves are Umbreon, Houndoom, and Tyranitar.  The Murkrows and Houndours being rather common should make this an easy badge to get quickly.
  • Dragon.  Previously we only had the Dratini line.  Well, it didn’t get much better or easier, but we do now have Kingdra as well.  Unfortunately, being a Stage 2 that needs an evolution item, it probably will only help a little bit.  But hey – it’s Dragon, we’ll take any help we can get.
  • Steel.  Just Magnemite and Magneton were in Gen 1, but we get a bit of a boost here with Skarmony as the only basic, but Forretress, Steelix, and Scizor as evolved forms.  You’re still going to get the majority from the Magnemite line, but knowing there are others out there to help does make it easier.
  • Ice.  Oh, ice you heartless, cold…um, Pokemon.  Previously, we only had the basics of Jynx (and then Smoochum) and Lapras, plus the evolutions Dewgong and Cloyster.  At least now Sneasel and Swinub plus Piloswine have joined the club.  This personally has been the hardest for me and I’ve heard it the same for most people.
  • Ghost.  The Gastly line with Haunter and Gengar were our only previous options.  Now, Misdreavus is there as well.  Not much of a boost, but if you didn’t get your badge during the Halloween event, this at least makes it a bit more reasonable.

Gen 1 Pokemon that are important to Gen 2

These are Pokemon that are used in evolutions for Gen 2, some with an item and others without.

  • Seadra now evolves into Kingdra (with item)
  • Scyther now evolves into Scizor (with item)
  • Onix now evolves into Steelix (with item)
  • Porygon now evolves into Porygon2 (with item)
  • Bellossom is now an alternate evolution from Gloom (with item)
  • Politoed is now an alternate evolution from Poliwhirl (with item)
  • Slowking is now an alternate evolution for Slowbro (with item)
  • Crobat evolves from Golbat
  • Blissey evolves from Chansey
  • Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee get a baby form in Tyrogue, who can also evolve into the new Hitmontop
  • Eevee gains two new evolutions, and yes, the naming trick works for them once like the other three.  Espeon (Sakura) and Umbreon (Tamao)

New clothes

You can now change all sorts of cosmetic elements about your trainer, like giving glasses, hats, tops, bags, and more.  Many of them actually cost coins, but we get options.

All new attacks, even on old Pokemon

Now that we have Gen 2, we have the addition of new Gen 2 attacks.  Well, Niantic decided to “update” certain Pokemon from Gen 1 with new moves from Gen 2, essentially making these old move sets “legacy”.  It’s a rather extensive list, but I encourage you to look at the new moves and determine whether the new moveset is better or if the best combination is one of the legacy ones you (hopefully) already have.


Good luck here.  As best I can tell, the only way to catch a Shiny Pokemon is going to be in the wild.  The Pokemon itself needs to be a perfect IV (15/15/15) and then essentially win a coin flip to see if it is shiny or not.  With the odds of catching a perfect IV in the wild being 1:4096, adding a coin flip to that will now make the odds of finding a Shiny to be 1:8192.  Have fun.


This has been one of the least publicized aspects of Gen 2, and in my opinion, it’s very important to know.  Since the vast majority of your best Pokemon will be hatched rather than caught, it’s important to know which Pokemon come from what eggs.  So, here is the full list of what does and does not come from eggs.  Pokemon in italics are Pokemon from Gen 1 that moved to a different egg than it was previously, which there are a lot of.  Pokemon in bold are new for the latest update.


2 km 5 km 10 km
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Ekans
  • Nidoran (M)
  • Nidoran (F)
  • Oddish
  • Diglett
  • Abra
  • Machop
  • Geodude
  • Slowpoke
  • Gastly
  • Krabby
  • Exeggcute
  • Goldeen
  • Pichu
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Aipom
  • Misdreavus
  • Slugma
  • Remoraid
  • Sandshrew
  • Vulpix
  • Paras
  • Psyduck
  • Growlithe
  • Poliwag
  • Tentacool
  • Ponyta
  • Magnemite
  • Seel
  • Grimer
  • Shellder
  • Onix
  • Drowsee
  • Voltorb
  • Cubone
  • Lickitung
  • Koffing
  • Rhyhorn
  • Tangela
  • Staryu
  • Scyther
  • Pinsir
  • Eevee
  • Porygon
  • Omanyte
  • Kabuto
  • Natu
  • Yanma
  • Wooper
  • Wobbuffet
  • Girafarig
  • Dunsparce
  • Qwilfish
  • Shuckle
  • Sneasel
  • Phanpy
  • Stantler
  • Tyrogue
  • Smoochum
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Chansey
  • Lapras
  • Aerodactyl
  • Snorlax
  • Dratini
  • Mareep
  • Sudwoodo
  • Pineco
  • Gligar
  • Mantine
  • Skarmory
  • Miltank
  • Larvitar

Mind you, there are some Pokemon originally available from eggs that no longer are due to the baby Pokemon.  This is not new, so I did not list them.  Eggs will never hatch an evolved form of anything.  One thing that people are not talking about, though, is which Pokemon are not or no longer are obtainable through eggs.  Pidgey, Ratata, Ditto, and Regional Pokemon was the list previously, but it’s a lot longer now:

Gen 1 Gen 2
  • Caterpie
  • Weedle
  • Pidgey
  • Ratata
  • Spearow
  • Zubat
  • Venonat
  • Meowth
  • Mankey
  • Bellsprout
  • Farfetch’d (Regional)
  • Doduo
  • Kangaskhan (Regional)
  • Horsea
  • Mr Mime (Regional)
  • Tauros (Regional)
  • Magikarp
  • Ditto
  • Chikorita
  • Cyndaquil
  • Totodile
  • Sentret
  • Hoothoot
  • Spinarak
  • Chinchou
  • Marill
  • Ledyba
  • Hoppip
  • Sunkern
  • Unown
  • Murkrow
  • Snubbull
  • Heracross (Regional)
  • Teddiursa
  • Swinub
  • Corsola (Regional)
  • Houndour

Holy moly!  That is a LOT of Pokemon that you can’t get from Eggs.  I think the idea in general was to make it so that the most common Pokemon can’t come from eggs anymore since you get so many of them.  The problem here is that not all of them are common for everyone.  Personally, many of the Gen 1 Pokemon in the 2 km and even 5 km columns are more common than Caterpie or Weedle.  Water Pokemon have always traditionally been the hardest for people in certain parts of the country to obtain, so to see Horsea, Magikarp, Chinchou, and Marill all unobtainable through eggs surprises me a lot.  While some of these may not be the most desireable Pokemon, there are people out there that like to collect higher IV Pokemon (myself included), and it will be very difficult to obtain good specimen of them than it was previously.

One other thing that is extremely noteworthy is the absence of the Gen 2 “starters”.  While several sites are saying they are in eggs, there have not been any verified hatchings.  I think it was simply assumed they would be there in the 2km slot like Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur were.  This may be an oversight and we’ll see if it gets fixed, but for now.

What isn’t there at all?

Like with Gen 1, there are some Pokemon at this time that are completely unobtainable.  The full Gen 1 + Gen 2 list:

  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Moltres
  • Mewtwo
  • Mew
  • Delibird
  • Smergle
  • Raikou
  • Entei
  • Suicune
  • Lugia
  • Ho-Oh
  • Celebi

The last 6 are unobtainable for reasons like the first 5 – they are mythical or legendary and presumed that they will come out later for some kind of event.  Delibird and Smergle have the Ditto problem – they have attacks which are just weird and will need extra time to get right, likely coming out together some time later as to not confuse people up front.

So, believing they will count Unown as a single Pokemon, here are the two important numbers.  The first is 232, which is the number of Pokemon you need to have a “Region Specific” complete Pokedex.  The second is 237, which is a full Pokedex with all 6 regionals.  This is also a good time for a quick PSA:

If you spoof to go get the regional Pokemon, you suck.  Farfetch’d is my single favorite, so I’m pissed he’s regional.  But, I have something called integrity and the desire to play the game the way it was designed (crappy tracking system aside).  So, if/when I get my butt over to Asia, or they institute trading, I’ll get one.  Until then, I get to sleep better knowing I’m not a cheater.


So, for those who REALLY want to catch them all, have fun with this one.  Once you find your first Unown (and good luck even with that as many players have not yet) you get a “secret” medal for collecting 3, 10, and 26 of them.  Wait, isn’t 26 the same as the number of letters in the alphabet?  Yes.  There are 28 varieties of Unown.  We believe the question mark and the exclamation point are not in the game, but one for each letter is.  This is officially “gotta catch ’em all” on hard mode.

For Nesting, the Difference Is Night and Day

Many of you know about Pokemon nests – locations where lots of Pokemon of one type spawn.  These are often things like parks.  Well, it appears that some of the nests now have one type of Pokemon available during the day, and another available at night.  If true, I love this change since it gives you just a second type you have a chance to go get just based on a different time of day.  It will help farming hard-to-find ones a lot easier.

Pokemon Storage Got Cheaper

As of the writing of this, the cost to add 50 Pokemon slots has gone down from 200 coins to 100 coins.  Even if you don’t think you’re going to need them, you likely will at some point, so I’d pick up some while they are cheaper.  I personally have my maximum at 1,000 and have often found myself “full” if I go a couple sessions without cleaning out.  Item storage is still 200 coins and still maxed at 1,000.

Cheaper Evolves

With the addition of Crobat and Kingdra, the evolve costs for Zubat and Horsea have gone down to 25 from 50 to be consistent with the normal Stage 2 model.

Lapras sucks

He got nerfed….big time.  If you loved your Lapras and spent a lot of time, stardust, and candy on it, Niantic just kicked you right in the soft stuff.


There are a few other graphical and interface changes as well as things to increase stability, but as we’re focusing on game play elements, we won’t be covering them.  If you think I missed anything, leave a comment and we’ll add it, fix it, or get it right.

Until next time, keep playing everyone!



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