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Posted February 25, 2015 by Scott Gerhardt in Card Games

Public Beta for new Magic format

This article is geared towards store owners and tournament organizers.  If you are a player and you feel your store would be a good fit for this, please bring it to their attention.  Thank you!

We are looking to champion a new Magic constructed format that we feel would generate a lot of interest among a group of players and help rejuvenate cards that might otherwise have fallen off the radar.

We are looking to do a public beta test for this format at an FNM coming up at a date TBD in the future.  All stores would run this format at their FNM on this date.  It would not prevent you from running your other FNM events should you desire, but all participating stores would be running this on the same day.  You would be given approximately 8 weeks before the event so you can properly schedule it and inform players of the rules of the format so they have ample time to prepare for the event.  Stores selected are under no circumstances to run tournaments of this format prior to the selected FNM date (though if you like you may continue to run them after the event is done).
Stores would be required to offer a minimum prize pool TBD later to attract players to want to play this format.  Stores would have the opportunity to opt out of the program after determining the prize pool if they feel it could not be supported by the store.  Stores will be able to charge (or even not charge) whatever they like (within reason) to cover costs of the prize pool.

In exchange, the stores will receive the benefit of advertising via Social Media and coverage on this site and other participating websites we are working with.  We would work to promote the event in advance to help drive people to your location, publish decklists after the event associated with the store, and further help advertise if the store wished to continue to run events in this format afterwards.

To insure the greatest possible player base per store, we are going to limit it by geographic region so that there are not two stores reasonably competing for the player base.

If you get a solid FNM attendance and you think your store would be a good fit for this program, please fill out this form and we will get back to you.  At this time there is no set date when applications will close – once we feel we have enough good stores to run the program, we will close applications without warning.

If you have any questions, email us here and we will attempt to answer them as best as possible.  Submitting a form does not require you to participate, but merely expresses interest.   Thank you!


Stores will be considered based on size of player base, how early they submit their application, and other factors to be determined later.  Selection for participation is at our sole discretion and we can choose to allow or disallow participation for any reason.  We’re not jerks, though – we want stores to participate. 🙂

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