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Posted March 18, 2016 by Scott Gerhardt in Card Games

Draft ‘Til You Drop – A Charity Stream

<Edit:  This event has been postponed until a later date TBD>




We are doing one of our marathon streams, this time with the donations going to Gamers Helping Gamers.   Please read this document as it contains important information as to how this is going to work.


Prior to the event, people/businesses will pledge a certain amount of money.  It can be as little as 10 cents or as much as you like.  On April 18th (subject to change, but likely sometime that week if it does change), I will start a stream where we draft.  The pledge multiplier for that draft will be based on performance in that draft:

  • Entering the draft – 1x
  • Making the semis – 2x
  • Making the finals – 4x
  • Winning the draft – 6x

Once that draft is done we will do another…and another….and another.  This will continue until I “drop” – I am mentally and physically unable to draft any more.  This will either be because I simply feel I can not continue and I quit. Once the “quit” point is hit, wherever the accumulating multiplier is will determine your final pledge amount.

The Rules

  • I am allowed up to a 10 minute break between drafts, plus reasonable time for bathroom breaks, etc, emergencies not withstanding.
  • If I fall asleep, that shall be considered a break, and sleeping for more than 10 minutes will constitute “quitting”.  If I am in the middle of a draft, provided the 10 minutes does not time me out, I am allowed to finish that draft but may not start another.
  • The format of the drafts will be Shadows Over Innistrad 8-4s.  Should I accidentally enter a draft that is not an Innistrad 8-4, the multiplier for that draft will be considered 1x, regardless of outcome.
  • I must be physically present for and a key player in all drafts.  There may be guests either in person or via internet methods (Discord, Skype, etc) to assist or give advice, though.
  • In the event of an act of god, electric company, or ISP causes the stream to end (and oh yes – this has happened before), there will be up to 30 minutes given to remedy the situation.  If left unremedied, the stream will be considered complete if at least 16 hours has passed.  If the finals multiplier is less than 30, the final multiplier will be set at 30.  If less than 16 hours, it will be rescheduled as soon as possible afterwards.


  • I have done about a half-dozen successful 24 hour streams.
  • My longest ever stream was just over 65 hours, but I did not actually play any Magic during it – games a little less brain intensive.
  • I have never done something of this nature, so truly don’t know how long I will be able to go for.  My initial guesstimate is approximately 48 hours, but this number could be considerably off.


Example final pledge amount:

You pledge $.25.  I do 18 drafts.  In those 18, I win 3 of them, make finals of 3 more, lose in the semis of 6, and lose first round of 6 of them.

  • 3x wins x6 = 18
  • 3x finals x4 = 12
  • 6x semis x2 = 12
  • 6x lose first round x1 = 6
  • Total of 48 x $.25 = $12.00, your final pledge amount.

At our sole discretion, a deposit of no more than 40x your bid amount may be taken at the time of pledge .  If we do not hit this goal, the remainder will be refunded to you.  If we exceed it, we will follow up to get the difference.  This is a charity stream, so I will expect that anyone who places a bid and the amount goes over 40x will pay the remainder, especially if your bid got you a reward.

Additionally, you can still always just make a flat donation, which will be happily accepted.  Flat donations, though, will not be eligible for rewards.

What are tier drafts?

Simply put, it’s a draft rotation, where each draft moves down a level until it cycles, so 1st draft is a Platinum draft, then Gold, then Silver, then Bronze, and then it goes back to Platinum.

Individual Rewards:

Unless they would “overwrite” another or stated otherwise, all higher levels include lower level options

$.25 (Bronze) –  Name listed on stream & end credits as a sponsor

$.50 (Silver) – Access to Discord for Silver Level Drafts

$.75 (Gold) – More prominent recognition in credits plus Gold Level Discord Access

$1 (Audio/Video Tier) – Access to live screen sharing for all Bronze/Silver/Gold Drafts, plus Jukebox access

$1.50 (Platinum Level) – Screensharing for ALL drafts.  Double jukebox consideration.  Sole jukebox consideration for Platinum drafts.  Second level consideration for one draft.

$2.00 (Diamond Level) – Top level consideration for one draft plus second level consideration for one draft

Top Donor ($2 min) – Discord for ALL drafts.  Top level consideration for up to 2 drafts.  Second level consideration for 1 draft.  Unlimited third level consideration.  Will devote up to one hour of time on a day to be determined later to give one-on-one coaching for a sealed deck or draft.  Gets one of the custom shirts created for the event (if created).  Free US shipping, donor pays international.

Rewards must be claimed as listed.  Not responsible for any unclaimed rewards.  Any top consideration drafts unclaimed due to having too many donors will be scheduled at a later date.  Time considerations based on donor’s personal schedule are made if drafts are unclaimed.  Any pledges may be subject to a deposit of up to 40x the pledge amount at our sole discretion.  No pledge deposits will be accepted between 4 hours before the stream starts and 6 hours into the stream.  Individual pledges made during the stream may be subject to a 40x or current multiplier deposit, whichever is higher).  Determination of Individual Top Donor will be made 1 hour prior to the stream.


Business Rewards:

Unless they would “overwrite” another or stated otherwise, all higher levels include lower level options

Base Business ($1.50 or $100 flat) – Company name listed in stream panel & credits, plus name-only mention before Bronze Drafts

Bronze Business (7-10 top donors, $3 min) – Logo listed on Bronze Level Drafts.

Silver Business (4-6 top donors, $5 min) – Larger logo use.  Logo on Silver & Bronze Drafts.  Silver-level mention in credits.  Mention in Bronze drafts, 10 second ad in Silver Drafts

Gold Business (2-3 top donors, $10 min) – Even larger logo use.  Logo on Gold, Silver, & Bronze Drafts.  Gold-level mention in credits.  20 second message before Gold drafts, 10 second ad before Silver & Bronze Drafts

Diamond Business (Top Donor, $10 min) – Most prominent logo on ALL drafts, including only logo on Platinum Drafts.  Up to 60 second audio or video ad before Platinum drafts, 30 second audio or video ad before all other drafts.  Unlimited different video ads, up to 4 audio submissions (one per tier).  Logo listed on any away screens with audio/video message of your choice.  Will wear custom apparel with your logo.  Diamond Individual level.

Business pledges be subject to a deposit of up to 40x at our sole discretion based on prior relationships and/or references.  Pledges may be added to at any time.  Final business pledges using logos or audio must be made no later than April 15, 5pm PDT.  Determination of Diamond Business will be made at April 12th at 12pm PDT to the stream to allow time for apparel to be created.  All business pledges of $10 or more will be considered sealed – the company name will be known, their pledge amount will not.  This is to prevent any last minute business “bidding”.  In the event of any ties, earliest submission will be considered the higher pledge.

Remittance for all pledges is due no later than May 1st.  Please don’t make me call you out for not paying – this is a charity stream and I don’t want to be an ass. 🙁   Net proceeds will be amounts pledged and collected minus any transaction or other fees associated with completing the stream.

Read everything?  Good (you’re agreeing you have). Click here to make your pledge

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