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The Dangers of Overconfidence Part 2

August 27, 2014

Now, I feel as though I need to address some specific allegations that have been made in regards to the tournament.  First, an introduction.  Until 2013 I hadn’t played serious competitive Magic in 10+ years, playing VERY infre...

Card Games

Hubris is a volatile and dangerous thing.  Sometimes it lets you do things you could never do otherwise, and sometimes it becomes this soul crushing force that for a moment makes your world stand still and question everything y...

Card Games

Okay, WotC makes Pro Tour and Grand Prix changes.  Do I have an opinion?  Of course I do. If you want to read the article yourself and have not yet, you can do so here. Regional PTQs: Are all the Regional PTQs going to be on th...

The Gamers Dome Podcast

Episode 45 – Buried Treasure

March 26, 2014

After too long of a hiatus travelling, we are back and ready to talk some games.  David Eckhard joins Scott this week as we talk a fair deal of Hearthstone as well as SolForge, CrackGate, and more.  In addition, Bo Radakovich s...

The Gamers Dome Podcast

Episode 44 – A Modern Dilemma

February 11, 2014

This week’s somewhat abbreviated episode is a look inside the testing process for Pro Tour Valencia.  Three rounds of draft and five rounds of Modern each day.  So how does one guy not on a super team prepare?  Well, it&#...

Card Games

Compiled by Matt Tabak, with contributions from Laurie Cheers, Carsten Haese, Eli Shiffrin, Zoe Stephenson, and Thijs van Ommen Document last modified December 10, 2013 DOC Download Links: English | # 中国话,汉语;中文 | # 中國話,漢語;中文 | ...


Blizzard Entertainment’s MMORPG World of Warcraft ended 2013 with 7.8 million paying members, which is up from the 7.6 million figure announced in November. That’s right, more than 9 years after release, the game is...

The Gamers Dome Podcast

In Episode 43, Scott joins Pat Kawula as we interview Sean Scott Garrity from Baksha Games.  We get a few spoilers as to new stuff, plus news and information from the world of gaming! Originally Aired 2/4/14 http://thegamersdom...

The Gamers Dome Podcast

Episode 42 – New Years Chaos

January 14, 2014

Ian Kasoff joins Scott as co-host on this first show of 2014. Joey Vigour of Mirror Box Games stops by to discuss their kickstarter, Chaosmos. Ian talks about his experiences going to CES, and of course catching up on all the n...

The Gamers Dome Podcast

Episode 41 – End of Year One

December 17, 2013

It’s the end of 2013 and the end of the first year of The Gamer’s Dome. Scott discusses his top gaming headlines from the year. What was the number one headline? Take a listen. http://thegamersdome.com/podcasts/41.m...