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The Great Base Race

May 9, 2018

So, over on Huddle they just did a very interesting contest.  I’ll give you the summary:   All packs in the contest were free Each pack contained one white common.  1 in 10 packs contained a Solomon Thomas white comm...


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So just to clarify, Donald Trump wrote a book called The Art of the Deal.  Donald Trump is a douche.  Okay, title clarified.  I decided to write this after becoming painfully aware that concepts I think are “easy” a...

Trading Cards

Wait…he collects what?

May 19, 2017

o I’ve been wanting to write this article for a very long time now, but kept getting distracted by something else here and there; what a shock.    The ironic thing, is the thing that has most kept me from writing this art...

Phone and Tablet

The ACTUAL Gen 2 Update List

February 28, 2017

I’ve found a bunch of Gen 2 update lists and articles.  Most of them have bad or incomplete information.  So, let’s hit up what has actually happened.  Now, while this is intended to be a comprehensive guide, itR...

Phone and Tablet

Generation 2 is almost upon us.  With that, we will have just under 100 new Pokemon.  This means a whole bunch more to catch…Yay!  Like with Generation 1, we have new Basics, Stage 1 evolutions, and Stage 2 evolutions.  B...

Phone and Tablet

I’m often asked “which Pokemon should I keep and which should I get rid of?”  This is a question that is highly subjective.  It really depends on what kind of player you are.  Basically, choose which type you ...

Phone and Tablet

Pokemon Go and Dating

November 26, 2016

So, shortly after Pokemon GO came out, I found myself single.  These two events are unrelated, but I found myself immersed in this world unlike any other.  I often hesitate to call Pokemon GO a game because of the various compo...

Phone and Tablet

The great nerfing and buffing

November 21, 2016

edit: 11/27/16 to adjust & clarify some information So today, just about every family received some form of a nerf or buff. Calculating only using final evolved forms (e.g. Alakazam, but not Abra or Kadabra), we went throug...


So I just got done with GP-LA.  I didn’t play nearly as much paper magic this year as I had in previous years, and consequently will end with around 1,450 Planeswalker points, considerably down from the 3,552 last year an...